At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

Create a worksheets and workbooks

  • Create a workbook
  • Import data from a delimited text file
  • Add a worksheet to an existing workbook
  • Copy and move a worksheet

Navigate in worksheets and workbooks

  • Search for data within a workbook
  • Navigate to a named cell, range or workbook element
  • Insert and remove hyperlinks

Format worksheets and workbooks

  • Change worksheet tab color
  • Rename a worksheet
  • Change worksheet order
  • Modify page setup
  • Insert and delete columns or rows
  • Change workbook themes
  • Adjust row height and column width
  • Insert headers and footers

Customise options and views for worksheets and workbooks

  • Hide or unhide worksheets
  • Hide or unhide columns and rows
  • Customise the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Change workbook views
  • Change window views
  • Modify document properties
  • Change magnification by using zoom tools
  • Display formulas

Configure worksheets and workbooks for distribution

  • Set a print area
  • Save workbooks in alternative file formats
  • Print all or part of a workbook
  • Set print scaling
  • Display repeating row and column titles on multipage worksheets
  • Inspect a workbook for hidden properties or personal information
  • Inspect a workbook for accessibility issues
  • Inspect a workbook for compatibility issues